Social Networking

Everyone's talking about social networking these days, so it's no wonder NKU now has dozens of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages. Be sure to check some of them out to stay more connected, or contact Alex Lytle to set up your own and start communicating in a whole new way with your audience!

Official NKU Social Networks:

Official NKU Accounts
Activities Programming Board      
BB&T Arena at Northern Kentucky University facebook twitter youtube pinterest instagram
Campus Recreation facebook twitter      
Center for Applied Informatics facebook twitter youtube pinterest instagram
Center for Economic Education facebook twitter   pinterest  
Chase College of Law facebook twitter youtube pinterest
Chase Law + Informatics Institute       pinterest  
College of Arts & Sciences facebook        
College of Education and Human Services facebook twitter    
College of Health Professions facebook twitter   pinterest  
College of Informatics facebook twitter youtube   instagram
Communication Advising facebook        
Cooperative Center for Study Abroad facebook        
Development, Office of facebook twitter      
Early Childhood Center facebook        
Educational Outreach   twitter   pinterest  
Educational Outreach - Grant County Center facebook twitter   pinterest  
Educational Outreach - Online Learning facebook twitter   pinterest  
Educational Outreach - PACE Program facebook twitter   pinterest  
Educational Talent Search   twitter      
Office of Graduate Programs facebook twitter      
Haile/US Bank College of Business facebook     pinterest  
Haile/US Bank College of Business Advising Center facebook        
Information Technology, Office of
International Students and Scholars, Office of
Music Preparatory Department facebook   youtube    
NKU METS Center facebook twitter   pinterest  
NKU News   twitter      
NKU Alumni Association facebook twitter pinterest pinterest  
NKU Athletics
facebook twitter youtube pinterest instagram
NKU Chase Law Library facebook        
NKU Connections facebook twitter      
NKU Construction Management Department facebook        
NKU Dining facebook twitter youtube   instagram
NKU Green facebook        
NKU Haile Digital Planetarium facebook        
NKU Housing facebook        
NKU Intramurals facebook   youtube    
NKU Office of Education Abroad facebook        
NKU Wellness facebook   youtube    
Norse Force facebook twitter      
Northern Class Catering facebook twitter      
Salmon P. Chase College of Law Library facebook        
Sports Business   twitter      
Steely Library facebook twitter      
Student Support Services facebook        
Testing facebook twitter      
Transactional Law Practice Center facebook        
Wellness facebook        
WNKU facebook twitter